Halsey Says She Might Actually Be ‘Bad At Love’

Halsey says that her song ‘Bad at Love’ became a reflection of her actual dating life, and thinks she ‘messed things up.’

By nowproducerdave on January 4, 2018
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Halsey’s latest song “Bad at Love” has been on NOW for a couple months now, but Halsey says that the song might actually be a reflection on her dating life. Not necessarily the stories told in the song, but the idea that a lot of her relationships haven’t worked out, and she thinks she’s the one who “messed things up.”

She says that she was actually going through a breakup while she was writing and recording the album, and that it had a big influence on the tracks. When she was working on “Bad at Love,” she says she sort of started thinking about all of her past relationships “and going through one by one in my head thinking about each individual relationship and what I did to f___ it up.” She says while she was thinking about everything that happened or went wrong, she sort of realized that she might have been the problem in those relationships.

She also talked about how she writes songs so quickly. Her album came out in summer of 2017, but she says she didn’t even write a single song for it until earlier that year. “I’m a purger. I bottle everything up and purge it all out of me. That’s why I write so quickly. It’s like I’m vomiting months of psychoanalysis.” That’s certainly one of the more interesting ways to describe a writing-style, but we like it.


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