Guide Dog Sees New Home! [VIDEO]

By Hope Bidegainberry on December 10, 2018
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 27: Georgia women prison inmates lead their Labrador puppies during guide dog training at Metro State Prison August 27, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia. The I.M.P.A.C.T. program (Inmates Providing Animal Care and Training) teams inmates with puppies provided by Southeastern Guide Dog, Inc., for a 16-month program of training with a volunteer obedience instructor. The Georgia Department of Corrections then returns the dogs for advanced training, ultimately providing guide dogs to the visually impaired. (Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)
(Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

Take a look at this adorable video below of this guide dog who gets so excited when she sees her new home! #TooCute

This guide dog is about to be adopted by the family who trained her as a puppy and we can’t even! ❤️

How sweet is this video?

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