Good Mom Posts Ad, Wants To Borrow Orange Cat

A mom posted a wanted ad on social media, asking to borrow an orange cat so her children “could have a lasagna dinner with Garfield.”

By nowproducerdave on August 8, 2018
(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Ok, this makes sense, and it’s pretty funny. A mom of two kids, a 2 and 4-year-old, wants to borrow an orange cat. She made it clear she doesn’t want to adopt, just borrow the animal. The reason? She wants “Garfield” to have a lasagna dinner with her children.

This is the sort of stuff that makes children’s days. Clara, the mother, posted the wanted ad to social media. It quickly was shared around, and actually got some responses from cat owners. Clara describes herself as “an increasingly desperate (but not crazy) mom-of-two with no friends that own orange cats.” I think that’s about the description I expected for such an ad. Here it is below:

And the responses came in, believe it or not, from people willing to lend their cats.

Good news is that they did find a woman with an orange cat, and she was willing to stop by the family’s home for lasagna dinner. So, you know, happy ending! Here’s some more on the story.

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