Golden Globes – NOW Artists, Directors Snubbed, Sac Ties [VIDEO]

Sacramento is getting a lot of attention in this year’s Golden Globe nominations, and a NOW artist is up for an award too.

By nowproducerdave on December 12, 2017
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All about the Golden Globes. Who was nominated, who was left out, why Sacramento is being represented, and some music from a NOW artist.

First up, the NOW Artist. Nick Jonas. Yep, he’s got a couple songs on the station, including “Jealous” and “Closer,” and he was just nominated for a Golden GLobe award. But wait – aren’t Golden Globes for movies? Yep, but Nick wrote a song that was used in a movie. Two, actually. He’s nominated for “Best Original Song from a Motion Picture” for the song “Home” from the new animated movie “Ferdinand,” which he talked to us about last week here. Here’s the video for that song:

Who got snubbed? Well, every female director did, actually. Greta Gerwig wrote and directed “Lady Bird” (which we all know was filmed here in Sacramento and is why Sacramento got to the Golden Globes), and we can’t forget Patty Jenkins, the wonderful lady who directed wildly popular “Wonder Woman.” THAT was a great movie, both of those really, which showed just how powerful and amazing women directors are. People took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the nominations:

Pretty to-the-point, I’d say.

See Saoirse Ronan try to pronounce other difficult celebrity names here.

Big mentions go to Saoirse Ronan for her role in “Lady Bird,” nominated for “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.” The movie “Lady Bird,” however, got 4 nominations, which is still a big win for Greta despite being snubbed in the “Best Director” category. Those nominations are in the “Best Picture,” “Best Actress,” “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Screenplay” categories. Still pretty awesome. Saoirse’s response to Greta not being nominated for “Best Director?” “I think Greta should win all the awards and she’s deserving of them all. Not only because it’s her first film and it’s so impressive, but this is the first time she’s officially done it on her own. I mean this without being biased, really — she’s made a film that even technically speaking is spot-on,” she says.

You can check out the full list of nominations here.

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