Would You Get An Engagement Piercing Instead Of Ring? [PIC]

In lieu of conventional, boring, old-fashioned wedding and engagement rings, some couples are going with finger piercings instead.

By nowproducerdave on March 15, 2018
(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images for Sotheby’s)

All these things happening recently with engagement rings, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Rather than engagement rings, some people are opting for an engagement piercing. It goes on the same finger, or rather THROUGH the finger.

It’s attached through use of a “dermal anchor,” which is sort of a fancy way of saying “hey, let’s put a bracket under your skin, and then fasten a gem to it.” If you dare, you can see a video of how the dermal anchor method happens here. The person doing the piercing cuts a hole in your skin (actually removes a round patch), and inserts the base of the piercing. Then, the gem (or whatever else you want) can be fastened to the base. It makes the gem/diamond/etc look like it’s “floating” in place on your finger. It’ll shine like a diamond ring, there just won’t be a band around your finger.

This raises a whole bunch of other concerns though. One of the biggest is the risk of infection. Take a moment and just think about everything you’ve already done with your hands today. Yep. Now think about all the other (gross) things that your hands occasionally do. Yeah. Oh, now think of this. Besides the obvious pain of having a circle of skin removed from your finger, think about all the times you cringe when you bump your ring into something already. Now think about how hard you’ll cringe when you bump a ring-piercing into something. Especially while it’s still healing. Yeah, ouch. Also, if the piercing isn’t deep enough, there’s a chance it can move around or even come out completely (or just be totally rejected by your body). If it’s too deep, there’s a chance that the skin will grow back around it, embedding it in your finger requiring medical removal. *shudder*

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You know what, we’ll stick to regular rings. If it’s something you’re in to and you want to get the piercing, by all means, go for it. We’d love to see it, and we support you, but will I be getting one? Nope. Check out a little more info here.

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