From Hero back to zero!

By Doug Lazy on August 12, 2010

Breaking news!! Just found out that much heralded flight attendant Steve Slater may have been drinking on the same flight he went ballistic on and exited via the emergency slide chute!  (ABC Passengers also claim that they have no recollection of the so called altercation with passenger that sent him into his tizzy fit! No matter, I’m sure he is going to have his pay day and 15 minutes of fame!

Speaking of hot messes, just read Snookie makes over $30,000 per Jersey Shore episode or $2,500 per drink, whichever way you want to look at it. LOL

Thank you Candy in Woodland who says she is officially flipped stations to Now 100.5!

Here’s the times for today’s contest 4 and 6 for Idols Live…5p.m. for Goo Goo Dolls Now Playing show at Cafeteria 15L!

Give me a call 766 1005!

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