By Doug Lazy on August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

Just a few minutes before hitting the air and I’m chatting with a few ladies in the office. Interesting conversation about how certain people don’t update their Facebook “relationship status” even though they are in a long term relationship.  I have a few friends who changed their status kicking and screaming. It was not until their ladies threw down the ultimatum that they conceded their Facebook freedom. So my question for this afternoon’s show is should a person feel  insecure if their partner doesn’t publicize his or her relationship? I would love to hear your comments 619 766-1005.

I may also bring up last night’s complete disaster of a show, Real Housewives of DC. None of the women where likeable or compelling. Mikhail Salahi, the one who snuck into the White House party, is boring. This show comes across as trying to hard and I believe will be a one (season) and done for Bravo. Memo to bravo executives, don’t waterdown the “housewives” franchise.

Btw, I’m looking forward to my first appearance at Mix Downtown tonight for Fun and Fitness Friday! California family fitness members get in free or you can hit me up to get on my guest list!  Have a great weekend!

DC Housewives

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