Your Fresh Christmas Tree Could Contain 25,000 Insects

If you get a fresh Christmas Tree every year, you might be bringing thousands of little critters into your home as well…

By austind03 on November 27, 2017
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

For some families, picking out a fresh Christmas tree every December is a holiday tradition.

However, the tree might not be the only thing you’re taking home with you…

KCRA 3 revealed that Christmas trees could be harboring up to 25,000 bugs in them, and these little critters are getting a fast pass right into your home.

As it turns out, the bugs that usually live on these trees go dormant in the winter months. Unless you keep your home at refrigerator temperatures, they’ll begin to wake up once they get inside.

Thankfully, the most common insects found on Christmas trees are aphids, Adelgids, and bark beetles. These guys mainly want to stick with the tree, and they won’t go wandering around your house.

However, praying mantis’, ticks, mites, and psocids have been found in certain circumstances (such as unusually warm weather outside).

Luckily, most farms have mechanical tree shakers that will knock these insects off before you take your tree home. And if you’re still worried, shaking your tree in the parking lot can also do the trick.

Learn more about how to avoid insects in your Christmas tree right here.

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