A Fortune 500 Company Is Building A Headquarters In Natomas

A Fortune 500 company, Centene, just announced plans to build a 68-acre, 1.25 million square foot headquarters right here in Sacramento.

By nowproducerdave on September 14, 2018
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Centene is a Fortune 500 company, and they deal in health insurance. They’ve just announced plans to build an office here in Sacramento, specifically by the old arena. It will be the company’s new west coast headquarters, and construction can start as early as this October.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg says “We are on the verge of the single-largest job creation opportunity we have had in recent history.” That may be true, since it’s rumored that there will be about 5,000 Sacramento jobs with the company in Sacramento after they open their new building. At the moment, there are about 3,000 employees of that company here in town. That many jobs would make Centene the largest private employer in Sacramento. To put some scale to the project, the new property will hold five 4-story buildings. There will also be a daycare on site, which ir pretty cool. Total office space square footage comes in around 1.25 million.

Why Sacramento? Well, about a year ago, the city of Sacramento came up with an incentive plan for the company. Some of the items in the list promise the company that Sacramento will give them about $9,000 for every new job created. Also, there are incentives if the company provides jobs to “people from disadvantaged backgrounds.” Ex felons, people with disabilities, etc.

Do you work for Centene? Do you enjoy working for that company? Or now after reading this, are you getting ready to dust off your resume? Source.

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