Activity Tracker For Kids – Fitbit Will Let You Track Them

Fitbit has released a new tracker for kids, and it will let you keep track of their activity and sleep quality, as well as have family competitions.

By nowproducerdave on March 14, 2018
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Fitbit)

That almost sounds invasive, like it could be “hacked” by creeps or something, but really Fitbit’s new activity tracker is just an activity tracker in bright colors for kids, with an app that will let you keep track of how they sleep and what they’re doing.

The new trackers for kids are called Fitbit “Ace,” and it really just seems like a smaller version of one of Fitbit’s more conventional trackers. They biggest new thing with these is the introduction of the app which contains a handful of new features. It introduces a new “family feature,” which will allow you to assign how your kids can use their trackers. They say the app complies with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), and that anything that your kids try to do through the app has to be approved by you first. That includes connecting with other Fitbit users.

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Another perk to the family feature is that you can keep track of how much activity your kids are doing, and when they’re doing it. That will squash any arguments you may have with them about what they were doing while you were gone for a couple hours, when you wanted them to be active but they were just playing video games. The tracker will also remind them to get active for the recommended 60-minutes of activity per day. There’s also a family “faceoff” feature, which is a sort of competition within the family for step count and activity.

Another big feature is that you can track how your kids are sleeping. This will let you sort of adjust their bedtime to better accommodate how they sleep, and for how long they stay asleep. Maybe they’re restless for a while early in the night, or they’re awake staring at the ceiling for an hour before the alarm, but then fake sleep when you try to get them up for school. We all did it. Now there’s a way to tell. Cool, eh? Check out some more info here.

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