‘Festive Bum Wreaths’ Are All The Rage This Year, Apparently

People have started a new Christmas clothing trend, and it has to do with hanging a wreath on a bare butt, and I don’t think I’d go outside like that.

By nowproducerdave on December 13, 2018
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Yeah, I’m staying away from trying this trend out. I don’t know that it’s “all the rage,” but still, it’s popular enough that we encountered a couple social media posts about it this rear. Oops, I mean YEAR. So what is it? Well, it’s literally a bum wreath.

So what’s the best way to explain this… Remember those “Reindeer Boobs” that people were doing a couple years ago? People would cut a hole in their shirt allowing one or both of their breasts to fall out. Then they were decorating them with antlers, eyes, and a red nose making them look like Rudolf. This is like that, only it’s with butts and wreaths. So, people are using (or making) pants without, you know, the rear portion. This is allowing their butt to hang out, and they’re then hanging wreaths “around” the exposed result.

Obviously I’m torn on if I’d be allowed to post pictures directly on this website, so I’ll just link out to them. The pictures are sort of safe-ish for work I guess, but also – I mean, it’s butts. Check them out at your own risk. You can see some examples right here. I warned you. I’ll be honest though – some of them are seriously decorated. Very creative stuff, but I think I’ll stick to the front door for my wreath. Wait – that came out wrong. Nevermind.

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