Favorite Christmas Movies Ranked By State

Google put together a map which lists each state’s favorite Christmas movie, and there were only a handful of movies that made the cut.

By nowproducerdave on December 21, 2017
(Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Well, ranked by Google searches, per state. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? “A Christmas Story?” “The Polar Express?” “Die Hard?” Something else that didn’t make the list?

Google decided to put a map together of the most-searched-for Christmas movies, broken down by state. See, Google knows what you type into the search bar, and they know from which state a search originates. No, they’re not “watching you,” just researching what movies were being searched for (among a whole bunch of other holiday searches), which surprisingly these 5 movies were the most searched for Christmas moves over any of the others. No “Miracle on 34th St,” no “Muppet Christmas Carol,” no “Die Hard,” very surprisingly. The top-5 movies though were “The Polar Express,” “Elf,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “A Christmas Story,” and finally “Love Actually.”

Here’s the map that Google published.

The clear winner on the west coast, all the way up to Alaska actually, is “Elf.” It’s definitely a funny Christmas movie, and was certainly a fresh idea when it first came out. The south through much of the east coast loves “The Polar Express” which is getting some local love here in Old Sacramento with their showings of the movie. It’s a great movie, and is also a pretty fresh take on Christmas movies as well. Only a few states chose “A Christmas Story” as the favorite. It made Producer David’s pick, closely followed by “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which did not make any state picks. Next is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” which is pretty popular in the midwest. Closing out the list is “Love Actually,” which was the favorite in only one area – Washington D.C. Interesting.

Did your favorite movie make the list? Are you a fan of “Elf?” See some more “Winter Holiday” trends here.

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