The Most Expensive Bottle Of Vodka In The World Stolen By Burglars

A masked thief managed to steal a $1,000,000 bottle of vodka from a Danish bar. Even worse, the bar had it on loan and didn’t insure it…

By austind03 on January 4, 2018
Photo Credit: Inside Edition

A bar in Copenhagen, Denmark is reeling after burglars stole some vodka. While that might not sound too bad, it unfortunately was the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka…

According to Inside Edition, a masked thief stole a bottle of Russo-Baltique. Worth $1,000,000, the actual bottle itself made up of six pounds of gold and has a silver cap covered in diamonds.

However, it gets worse. Although the bar was displaying the bottle, they are not the owners of it. That right belongs to a Russian businessman who lent it to the bar on a loan.

To top it all off, the bottle was uninsured….

While surveillance were able to catch the thief during the heist, police have yet to identify a suspect.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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