Ed Sheeran Connecting Multiple Homes With Tunnel, Pub

Ed Sheeran bought 4 houses in a row on his street, and he’s converting them into an interconnected, underground-tunneled mansion.

By nowproducerdave on January 25, 2018
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

It’s like every boy’s fantasy, right? To have some kind of secret, underground passageway to your own private bar? That’s exactly what Ed Sheeran is doing to his homes across the pond in the UK.

Newly engaged and set to be married, Ed Sheeran is locking down he and fiancee Cherry’s homes already. But the story behind the homes starts in 2012. Ed first moved to a home in Suffolk, England 6 years ago, into a house that he bought for over one million dollars. When he bought that house, he bought the one next to it as well for $640k. Two houses at once, right next to one another – not bad at all. Then in 2016, he bought yet another house, right next to his first two, for “well over” a million dollars, and went ahead and grabbed a FOURTH house, the property attached again, just across the driveway from his main house.

So now he has 4 houses, all in a row on one street. At the moment, he’s having work done to all of the houses, and is planning to have crews dig out underneath the homes to build 2 “entertainment rooms,” like a movie theater and a music studio. The other kicker here is that he’ll also have tunnels dug out (in addition to the one he already has), connecting those underground rooms to two of the houses, one of which he’s turning into a “private pub.” It’s basically a little village that he’s building (his neighbors even refer to his properties as “Sheeranville”), and that just sounds like the best way to live, doesn’t it? His music room kind of cements the fact that he’s never really going to get out of the music business, like he previously hinted.

For some more details on the houses and his plans, check out the info here. There are some good pictures of the properties here.

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