Eat Pray Love

By Doug Lazy on August 12, 2010


Yeah, I cried in the middle of the movie… luckily I stopped before it was over!

Julia Roberts is just awesome.  She does do her super annoying loud laugh at one point, that always grates on my nerves a bit, but the rest of the time I loved her.

Definitely a must see!!  I didn’t want it to end!

Thank you to everyone who came to the screening 🙂

If you see the movie and cry… then I won’t feel like such a dork, so let me know what you think when you see it.

My email is or you can comment.

I hope the lesson is 3rd time’s a charm when it comes to relationships because I’ve had two disasters!!  Now I just need to learn how to meditate and maybe retrain my brain.

There were a lot of funny parts too… I am interested to see how the critics like it.  I thought it was fabulous.  A great chick flick!

Make sure you go on a FULL stomach because it will make you hungry!!!  Pizza, pasta, coffee, turkey, yum!!

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