Dude "DROPS THE BALL" with his special lady

By Doug Lazy on August 10, 2010

America’s past time, there is truly nothing like going to the ball park to watch a game. It is arguably the best place to take a date in the summer time. Think about it,  get yourself a few cold beers a hot dog or two and enjoy the game in two comfortable seats right next to each other, its more romantic than you may think. If you have never been to a game you should know that there are only a few rules for the fans. The big one is whatever you do, don’t go on the field. The other rule is unwritten and goes like this; if you are a man sitting next to a woman or another person that cannot defend themselves against a 51/4 ounce baseball traveling at speeds upwards of 100mph, you do whatever it takes to catch the ball. In this case DONT JUMP OUT OF THE WAY AND LET IT TAG YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN THE ARM!!

Check out the video here!!

In the time that it took for this dude to jump out-of-the-way, I could have finished my proposal speech, put the ring on her finger, called her parents, booked the honeymoon….and then I would have turned around caught the scary foul ball with my eyes closed and without spilling my beer.  Our picture would be on the big screen and the whole stadium would cheer “YOU THE MAN!!”

But that wasnt me at the game, and you now know what I would have done, so now I want to know what you would have done: either as the cowardly boyfriend or as the innocent girlfriend. Would you stay with this guy? And if so what would be his punishment? Click on the the title to leave your comments.

Talk to you tonight!

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