Dua Lipa Received Death Threats From Taylor Swift Fans

Dua Lipa learned the hard way that remarks that she doesn’t think twice about can make some people go off on a rampage. She had to deal with death threats from hardcore Taylor Swift fans.

By Admin on February 26, 2018
dua lipa
(Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

Dua Lipa learned the hard way that the smallest remarks can make people go off on a rampage. She also realized that people’s convictions can easily change.

Taylor Swift fans initially threw love Dua’s way when she wore a Taylor Swift shirt during soundcheck in Germany. However, the fans aggressively switched sides on Dua after they found a 2016 interview in which she chose Kanye West over Taylor. Dua told Rolling Stone:

“I wasn’t thinking about their beef. I was thinking about their music, and Taylor is amazing, but I’m such a hip-hop fan that I would probably choose Kanye over anyone. They were sending me snake emojis for, like, three days straight. They’re like, ‘I hope you die.’ I’m like, ‘Yo! I literally didn’t say anything.'”

Dua recently won Breakthrough Act and Best Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards.

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