Dog Cloning Is A Thing – Barbra Streisand Had It Done [VIDEO]

Barbra Streisand revealed that she had her beloved dog Samantha cloned, and now she’s re-raising two adorable little Samanthas.

By nowproducerdave on February 27, 2018
(Photo by RNL Bio Co. Ltd. via Getty Images)

That raises a question – if you could clone your dog, would you? We love our dogs, and it’s always sad to lose a pet, but part of the fun of raising a pet is learning their personality and finding all the things that make them unique. Would you be excited to raise the exact same dong again?

Barbra Streisand decided she was up for that specific thing. She had a dog, a Coton du Tulear, named Samantha. Barbra had some cells and DNA taken from Samantha just before she passed away, and not once but twice used those to “make” new dogs. She has two dogs that are a clone of Samantha now, and a third that is a cousin of the original Samantha. We’re assuming they’re actually talking about a true clone, as-in an exact copy, which would make the current two dogs identical twins. How does Barbra tell the two clones apart? One wears red, and the other wears violet colors. Their names are Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet.

Barbra says that despite being clones (that’s so weird to say), the two dogs have different personalities. Barbra says she’s waiting for the dogs to get older before really being able to “see if they have her [Samantha‚Äôs] brown eyes and seriousness.” That’s a good point, since personalities between puppy and adult do change; they sort of calm down, their interests change, etc. We’re actually really curious if they turn out the exact same as Samantha, and we’re also curious what they think about each other. Check out some more about the dogs here.

Now that you’ve read a little about it, if it was more affordable (estimates suggest this costs anywhere between $50k-100k), is dog cloning something you’d be interested in? Or would you rather rescue a pet that needs a home, and enjoy learning their new and unique personality?

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