Doctor Actor Ken Jeong Saves Woman’s Life At Comedy Show

Actor Ken Jeong isn’t only an actor, he’s actually a real-life doctor, and helped a woman who was having a seizure at one of his shows.

By nowproducerdave on May 7, 2018
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television)

Ken Jeong is an actor. He’s also an actual doctor, he got his M.D. back in the 90s, but is mostly known for his acting. He was the “gangster” character in “The Hangover” (Leslie Chow), and also appeared in “Community” and the TV series “Dr. Ken.” Anyway, he was performing a stand-up comedy show when an audience member began suffering a seizure. He helped to save her and then continued on with his show. Hey, “the show must go on,” right?

This past Saturday night towards the beginning of his set, a woman just 3 rows back started having a seizure. People seem to believe that at first, Ken might have thought the lady was a heckler, but after a few more seconds he realized that it was the real-deal. Immediately after realizing what was happening, he dropped the mic and jumped into the crowd. He (and other audience members) were able to clear some space, and Ken began helping the woman. He stayed with her, doing whatever it is doctors do in that situation until paramedics arrive. It’s also reported that Ken was able to help the woman “regain consciousness” and she was even up and standing by the time paramedics got there. Once the woman was off to the hospital, Ken Jeong got back on stage to a round of applause, and continued on with his show.

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Many actors out there are actually really highly educated, they aren’t just “high school jocks” or “pretty people” who made it in Hollywood. James Franco is working on his PhD. Natalie Portman has a psychology degree from Harvard. Conan O’Brien has a bachelor’s in American History, and was valedictorian of his high school. Cindy Crawford was also high school valedictorian, and was working on a chemical engineering major. Check out more smart actors here, and more info on the Ken Jeong seizure story here.

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