Do YOU Support A Tax On Text Messages For Californians?

People sent 1.77 trillion text messages toeach other in 2017 and NOW somebody wants to tax your texts…

By Doug Lazy on December 14, 2018
384838 03: A young man types out an SMS message on his mobile phone January 26, 2001 in central Prague, Czech Republic. The number of mobile lines recently outnumbered the number of landlines in the Czech Republic, with the three mobile phone carriers claiming over 4 million subscribers, or over 40% of the entire population. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Newsmakers)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Newsmakers)

The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a tax on text messages for Californians! See what the tax would support and how much it may cost you… says that the California Public Utilities Commission says that the proposed text message text would support: “public programs like 911 service; the CPUC’s LifeLine program, which subsidizes phone rates for low income consumers; and the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program, which provides special equipment for the deaf and hard-of hearing.”

With over 1.77 trillion text messages exchanged in 2017, there’s certainly a good amount of money to be made here with the proposed tax. The tax were reportedly amount to 70 cents for every $10 of text revenues. While some support the new tax on text messages, there are a lot of people who oppose it and say that we as Californians are already too heavily taxed. A ruling by the FCC could shoot down this proposed tax. Get more on the story HERE

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