Would You Ditch Toilet Paper For A ‘Family Cloth?’ [PIC]

Some people are starting to forget the toilet paper and are using washable squares of fabric after using the toilet, and we’re just not sure.

By nowproducerdave on March 13, 2018
(Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

The “family cloth” is one of those new trends that has us questioning things pretty hard. Maybe we’re thinking about it all wrong. The “family cloth” is basically a square scrap of fabric that gets “used” and then washed, and reused. It replaces toilet paper, ideally for just “liquid containment,” but some people use them for #2s as well.

Toilet paper. It’s a necessity, we grab a pack every couple weeks from the store, usually the soft stuff, but sometimes the economy-brand because it all wipes the same anyway. It’s pretty cheap, but sometimes the rolls get swiped from the office anyway. But some families that are using this idea of a “family cloth” say that they’re saving money, and saving the environment. The procedure is as follows: you find a square of cloth from some seller (or probably make your own from fabric you may have, old shirts, etc). You finish your business, wipe, and toss the cloth into a basket to get washed later.

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Granted, most people will use the cloth just after finishing a “if it’s yellow, let it mellow,” but other people say they use the cloths for #2s as well, as we said above. We hope their basket is either in a very well ventilated area, or maybe outside the bathroom window? Also, I know it all gets washed and blah blah, but I’d have a hard time throwing my clothes in the washer after having done a load of family cloths. Not even the same load, just any time afterwards still.

So yeah. Do you have any interest in using a reusable cloth as a wipe, or are you sticking to the double-quilted quad-fluffed super-absorb money flusher? Check out some more info here.

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