Dina Lohan "ambushed" by Matt Lauer

By Doug Lazy on August 14, 2010

Dina Lohan claims Matt Lauer “ambushed” her on the Today Show yesterday morning… he was so vicious to her that she canceled an interview scheduled later that day!

Watch the video and be the judge!

She is so off her rocker!!  He asked her how jail was for Lindsay… and she immediately started talking about the judge being recused.  Again, he asked her how was jail for Lindsay… and she answered by telling him the judge was basically fired.

Matt also asked her about something on her younger daughter Ali’s website.  And Dina said, “Ali doesn’t have a website” claiming it must be someone’s website made for Ali… um, yeah.  www.alianalohan.com is the “Official Ali Lohan website” – SOOOOOO????

She also corrected Matt when he said this is Lindsay’s 4th time in rehab.  Dina said she’s gone to rehab twice.  No, actually, this is the fourth time.

Unreal!!!  She is the EPITOME of a bad mother!!!  That’s why I put her in the “Epic Fail” category!!

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