Denny’s Rolls Out New Star Wars-Themed Menu

By Cody Briana on April 9, 2018
(Photo By: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Hey Star Wars nerds, get excited! LucasFilm is teaming up with Denny’s for a special collaboration to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story. Delish reports the partnership includes limited-edition trading cards featuring the movie’s characters and an exclusive menu.

Some dishes are just newly titled rebrands of traditional meals, like the Lightspeed Slam — essentially a Fit Slam made up of scrambled egg whites with spinach and grape tomatoes, served with turkey bacon, fruit, and an English muffin.

But the real showstopper is the Co-Reactor Pancakes! It uses their new pancake recipe, featuring buttermilk for a fluffier flapjack, and is topped with strawberries, strawberry syrup, and whipped cream. The meal also comes with a citrus sauce and Crystal Crunch Rocks to garnish with yourself. As the tangy, acidic sauce hits the crunch rocks, they start fizzing and popping, much like Pop Rocks. Awesome!

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