Amazon Delivery Driver Fired, Dropped Box On Puppy [VIDEO]

An Amazon delivery driver was fired after he dropped a package onto a puppy, and it was all caught on home surveillance.

By nowproducerdave on March 9, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Good riddance, Amazon delivery driver. This delivery person was caught on camera making his delivery, and not only basically dropping the (rather large) package from an unreasonable height, he dropped it straight onto a puppy. Let us first say that this sort of thing obviously isn’t approved by Amazon, and that was made clear by Amazon after they said that the driver was fired.

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In the video below, the driver is clearly not in a rush, as he’s making his delivery at a casual pace. You can see him approach the fence for the customer’s back yard where the dogs are seen walking around. He clearly looks at the dogs, and sort of “shoves” the package over the fence, right on top of the dog which (we argue at least) he clearly knew was there. Then, the driver snaps a photo of the package to show that it was delivered.

As for the dog’s condition, the owner says “His eye is a little squinty. I think the corner of the box got him. I don’t see any cuts but I don’t know if anything is wrong internally.” Hopefully nothing is wrong and it’s just a simple bump or something, but dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong, so the pup will be getting checked out, and it’s reported that Amazon is actually offering to assist with vet expenses. The homeowner also went on to say that she’s “never seen a delivery driver put a package over the fence,” and that the front door would have been a perfectly acceptable spot to leave a package. Check out more on the story here.

We’re glad the delivery driver was fired – this, in our opinion, looked absolutely deliberate, and he didn’t even hesitate before or after. Let this also be a good reason to show that, with as cheap as things are getting now, that everyone should look at getting some sort of camera to watch the front of their house.

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