David Gray Releases "Foundling," Set To Play "Early Show"

By Doug Lazy on August 17, 2010

Though [lastfm]David Gray[/lastfm] has been a household name in the U.K. and Ireland since the mid-90s, he didn’t break through in the U.S. until a guy named [lastfm]Dave Matthews[/lastfm] took an interest in him in early 2000. Matthews liked Gray’s album White Ladder so much that he snatched up the rights and released it in the U.S. on his brand new label ATO Records. Gray’s single “Babylon” went on to be a smash hit.

This week Gray releases his newest album Foundling to rave reviews and is set to play CBS Early Show on August 20th.   Read more about Gray’s latest piece and be sure to check out the Street Date for news on the hottest releases.
[lastfm]David Gray[/lastfm] has performed at some of the world’s largest venues, including England’s Wembley Stadium during the Live Earth 2007 concert, and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway during a 2009 NASCAR event. And click the image below to watch David perform his new song “We Could Fall in Love Again Tonight” live for the Guardian U.K. website. 

Watch David Gray perform live.

This is the track listing for Foundling – sample the whole set now at Spinner’s full CD listening party and grab it now at iTunes or Amazon

1. “Only The Wine”
2. “Foundling”
3. “Forgetting”
4. “Gossamer Thread”
5. “The Old Chair”
6. “In God’s Name”
7. “We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight”
8. “Holding On”
9. “When I Was In Your Heart”
10. “A New Day At Midnight”
11. “Dave Jones’ Locker”
12. “Fixative”
13. “Morning Theme”
14. “The Dotted Line”
15. “A Million Years”
16. “Who’s Singing Now”
17. “Old Father Time”
18. “Indeed I Will”
19. “A Moment Changes Everything” 

Can’t get enough Gray?  Be sure to check out Gray’s Last.fm page and listen to David Gray radio.

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