The Most Dangerous Wedding Yet – Tightrope Edition

I’ve heard of some extreme weddings, but this one on a tightrope takes the risk to a whole new level – about 150 feet worth of level.

By nowproducerdave on June 18, 2018
(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Some people get married. Some of those people choose a fancy barn in an expansive field for their venue. Others choose a ballroom, or even their parents’ backyard in Tahoe. This couple chose something a little bit more extreme than that. A tightrope, stretched across a tower and a building. The rope, about 46 feet in the air, held the couple and a trapeze artist on a motorcycle. The pastor reasonably chose the safety of a firefighter’s cage lift.

I’d prefer to keep both of my feet on the ground, but this couple clearly wanted something a little more extreme. We don’t have too many details on the performance, but the wedding actually happened, and took place in Germany. We assume that the couple hired the artist to sort of “plan” this wedding. Their town, Stassfurt, was actually holding a festival at the time, in which there were trapeze acts. One of the performers drove a motorcycle across the rope while the couple, Nicole and Jens, sat on a swing that was mounted under the bike. The pastor rode up to the couple with the help of a local fire department.

During the ceremony, the couple exchanged vows and rings as usual. The kiss though had to wait until the couple were back on the ground. Apparently it was safer that way – who knew? Luckily, everything happened without any problems at all, and nobody dropped the ring. There were about 3,000 people in attendance (at the festival). That’s a heck of a wedding crowd. The rope started out around 150 feet above the ground, but as the weight transferred to the rope, it dropped to about 46 feet or so. Check out a picture of the couple on the rope here. What’s the most extreme wedding you’ve seen or heard of? Comment on Facebook!

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