The Cure For Fear Of Failure Is Here – Cat Poop

Apparently the parasite found in cat poop can not only infect and affect our brains, but it can actually control our risk-taking behavior.

By nowproducerdave on July 25, 2018
(Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

No I’m not telling anyone to go and do anything with cat poop. There’s actually a parasite in the feces that is credited with being the cure, sort of.

So we’ve heard in the past how parasites in cat poo can sort of attack our brains, and make us do weird things. Specifically, Toxoplasma gondii is what it’s called, and it’s literally a mind-altering parasite. It’s produced only within cats, and is “designed” to infect rodents. The rodent with the parasite will lose it’s fear of the smell of cat pee and poo. The fear actually changes, and makes the rodent attracted to the smell. This makes it easier for the cat to catch the rodent. Ta-da!

The parasite can infect humans too. No, they’re not trying to hunt us down, and no, we won’t be “attracted” to the smell of cat pee. But the parasite actually will alter our minds a little. Specifically, it will sort of help us to lose the fear of failure, or engage in “higher-risk” behavior. Researchers even determined that students exposed to the parasite were “1.7 times more likely to be majoring in business.” Also, infected students were twice as likely to be in “management and entrepreneurship” rather than somewhere else in business classes. So, you know, I can’t tell you to get a cat if you want to succeed. So, you know, make your own call on that. See some more details here.

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