Coronavirus Pandemic Triggers New Slang Words

By Doug Lazy on April 20, 2020
(Photo by CDC/Getty Images)

A new wave of ‘coronaspeak’ is sweeping the world! The new slang words were made up during this coronavirus pandemic and have been being used online. New Covid-19-related words include ‘Miley Cyrus’ for coronavirus and ‘sanny’ for hand sanitizer. posted several of these new slang words. Have you heard of any of them?

Coronacation – forced time off work due to the virus 

Coronalusional – having delusional or strange thoughts due to pandemic

Covidiot – someone disobeying lockdown or self-isolation rules 

Covid-19(lbs) – weight gained during lockdown 

Corona Bae – the partner you are quarantining with  

Drivecation – holiday in parked motorhome 

Hamsterkaufing– stockpiling food like a hamster (German) 

Iso – isolation (Australian) 

Isobar – fridge well-stocked with alcohol to get through the pandemic 

Isodesk – home workplace

Miley Cyrus – coronavirus 

Morona – person behaving moronically during the pandemic  

Post-rona – when the pandemic is over 

The rona –another word for coronavirus (Australian) 

Quarantine and chill – chilling at home during the pandemic 

Have you heard of anymore ‘coronaspeak’ words that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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