Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

By bonneville on January 4, 2021

3/12/21 – Leprechaun life isn’t always easy! Instead of DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber’s “I’m The One” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “On The Run”


3/5/21 – How is it March again already? We’ve all been through a lot in this past year and it’s time to review! Instead of Maroon 5’s “Memories” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Pandemories”


2/26/21 – Farewell Kim & Kanye, we’ll miss all the drama. Instead of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Cashing Thrice”


2/19/21 – For everyone exercising at home, or anyone who wants to try… this one’s for you! Instead of Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Sweat Through My Pajamas On Peloton”

2/12/21 – There’s only one thing your partner needs this Valentine’s Day… 🍫 Instead of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Chocolate!”


2/5/21 – We’re taking to the Seven Seas on Tom Brady’s quest for 7 rings! It’s a song all about watching the big game alone this year, and the first ever SEA SHANTY song of the week: Party For One!

1/29/21 – There’s dogs in the white house again, and that calls for a song. Instead of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Woof Bark Howl.”


1/22/21 – It’s EASY to spend $751 million, the hard part is actually winning it first! Instead of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Screw the Lottery!”

1/15/21 – Front line workers: for all you do, this one’s for you. Instead of Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Need An RN”

1/8/21 – Given up on your New Year’s Resolution yet? What’s taking you so long? Instead of Backstreet Boys’ “I Wan’t It That Way” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I Lasted Two Days”

12/18/21 – There’s just one week left until Christmas! If you’re on the naughty list still you’ll need a Hail Mary to make it back to the nice list. Instead of Powfu’s “Coffee For Your Head” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Cookies For Your Sled”

12/11/21 – Smell ya later 2020, we’re on to 2021! Instead of Marshmello & Bastille’s “Happier” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Crappier”