A Collection Of 2018’s ‘Big Game’ Commercials [VIDEO]

Many of the commercials that will air during the game on Sunday have already been released, and they’re all nicely collected here.

By nowproducerdave on February 2, 2018
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

These days, people are all about on-demand content, whether it’s music, podcasts, movies, and now, commercials for the Big Game. Those commercials are the reason a lot of people watch the game in the first place, but on today’s internet, you don’t even have to wait for the game to watch them. A lot of the commercials have already been released early.

Yesterday we talked about Amazon’s commercial about Alexa losing her voice, and various celebrities filling in. Before that, we revealed one of the first commercials to “leak,” which was Chris Pratt’s shirtless commercial about him auditioning for a commercial.

Now, we’ve got a whole collection of commercials that were released early, and they include Tostitos chips, Doritos/Mountain Dew with Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, Danny DeVito as an M&M, Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) for Skittles, and a couple handfuls of others.

Now, these aren’t all of the ones that will air during the game, of course, and a lot of these are leading up to those commercials, so expect to be entertained still, but until we get to see them on Sunday, here’s some of what’s been released already.

Anyway, check out some more here, and all of them obviously on Sunday. We can’t wait!

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