Cole Sprouse Hilariously Caught Fan Googling Him [PICS]

Cole Sprouse caught a fan Googling him before she turned around to ask for a selfie. See the cute picture they took together!

By Admin on January 5, 2018
cole sprouse
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Apart from his official Instagram page, Cole Sprouse also operates @camera_duels. The account is full of pictures of fans taking photos of him. It’s pretty hilarious.

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My father once told me that the key to great driving was ensuring the safety of myself and my passengers. Now, behold the fatherless fanatics: car in motion, eyes and hands off the wheel and road. There are times when I am truly in awe of the bravery of human sacrifice. A soldier risks all to save a fallen comrade. A group of righteous protestors fight oppression within a fascist regime. An old woman with dementia walks across a 4 way intersection to the local grocery. THIS, is not one of those times. In fact, a picture of ~a sprouse~ driving a car is so low down the life and limb foodchain, I am almost honored by the attempt. But I digress. You may be asking yourself, "Cole, aren't you taking a picture while driving too?" Yes, yes I certainly am. And typing this caption too. And while I was stopped when I took this, even if I was in motion I had already resigned my existence to another plane. If they play for keeps, so do I. The screaming and giggling that echoed from their car was a grim prologue to an ~auto~biography I should be writing: "I killed two people who probably shouldn't breed anyway," (working title), or at least the opening sequence to "red asphalt 2." Now if they did, indeed, collide with Darwin (because of me) I would have felt a tad guilty, I admit. But to be fair Oprah made us take a pledge for this exact reason, and so I think she should probably feel more ashamed. I hope Satan likes the photo.

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Yesterday, the Riverdale star posted a video of a fan, Janani Krishnan-Jha, Googling him and posted it on his Instagram story.

After the video went viral, Krishnan-Jha spoke to Buzzfeed about the incident:

“I was waiting in line when I turned around and saw someone who looked eerily like Cole Sprouse. I almost told him he looked a lot like Cole Sprouse, but then I realized that it might actually be him. Because I wasn’t 100% sure yet.”

She continued:

“I decided to turn around and google the name quickly. (I actually googled Dylan Sprouse [Cole Sprouse’s twin brother] first, so I hope he didn’t see that). I had no idea that he was looking, and thought the phone was sufficiently hidden, but I guess I didn’t do a good enough job because when I turned to ask for a selfie, he smiled and told me he’d seen me google him. I told him I was embarrassed, and we laughed and took a selfie!”

Click here to see the cute selfie the two took together.

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