Chris Hemsworth As The Next ‘Bond’ Star?

Chris Hemsworth likes the idea of playing the new Bond, but so far, nothing is confirmed, and it’s only an idea that someone had.

By nowproducerdave on February 6, 2018
(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Disney)

There’s a lot of talk about who will be replacing Daniel Craig after his films his final James Bond movie next year, and Chris Hemsworth might just be the next option? Well, not so fast. Chris was only ASKED by a reporter if he’d LIKE to play Bond in the future, and his reaction was basically what we expected. “Yeah, I mean, I think any actor would jump at that opportunity. I’m certainly a fan.”

There are some good-ish points as to why Chris would make a good Bond though:
-He’s got the accent, for one. Australian, but close enough, right (lol)?
-He’s got the experience. To explain that further, he was Thor in the Marvel movies, several of them, so he knows how to keep a character going and the effort that’s involved with keeping a character consistent.
-We don’t want to plot spoil anything, but Thor might have some downtime coming up as well (though with the miracle of air travel he can certainly take part in multiple movie shoots at once).

HOWEVER, “I feel like it’s an English world,” Chris says. He says that there are plenty of British actors who could take the role ahead of him – “There’s plenty of guys who would do a better job than I would – plenty of men English men or women.” Yep, he said women, as in he sees the potential for a female Bond to break into the scene. That’d be cool!

So no, it doesn’t sound like Chris is working on a Bond movie, nor do we know of anyone else confirmed for the role. No replacements have been named – and who knows, maybe Daniel Craig will stick around even longer.


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