Chipotle Improved Queso Recipe After Bad Reviews

A lot of people felt like the queso was lacking heat and flavor. Chipotle got the message that it was bad and they have improved the recipe….we hope.

By Admin on December 5, 2017
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

It’s no secret, when Chipotle rolled out their long-awaited, highly anticipated queso a few months back, the reviews were BAD.

I tried it and was very underwhelmed which made me look at the comments online to see if I was the only one. Spoiler alert, I wasn’t. A lot of people felt like it was lacking heat and flavor.

You get the point, people did not like it and I think Chipotle got the message loud and clear because they have improved their recipe and it’s currently at their test kitchen soon to roll out to all locations. According to Eater, it’s “less grainy and has more heat to it”.  The test kitchen also has nachos and I would definitely like it if they ended up rolling those out everywhere, as long as the queso is good of course.

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