Cheryl Cole Upset By Liam Payne & Rita Ora Romance Rumors

Cheryl Cole is not happy about the gossip spreading that there might an underlying romance between her partner, Liam Payne, and Rita Ora.

By Admin on January 24, 2018
liam payne
(Photo by Rebecca Lewis/Getty Images)

Since Liam Payne and Rita Ora are closely working together lately, rumors have spread about the nature of their relationship. Cheryl Cole is not happy about the chatter.

Liam and Cheryl welcomed their baby boy, Bear, last March. Since then, Cheryl has taken time out of the spotlight to look after her son, while Liam has been working on his solo career. Liam and Rita recently worked on “For You” for the Fifty Shades Freer soundtrack. The two have also been friends for a while.

A source close to Liam and Cheryl said:

“Cheryl’s really happy for him as his career us going from strength to strength, but she can’t help but feel angry at some of the insinuations being made by others.”

It appears that Cheryl is vocal about what’s upsetting her, and Liam is doing all he can to reassure her. The source said:

“He’s even said Cheryl should join him and Rita for a night out. But it’s hard as she’s so busy focusing on her comeback and looking after Bear.”

It’s good that the couple is talking their problems out!

Cheryl is getting ready to start working on her own projects again, as well, reports She announced a L’Oreal hair campaign coming soon.

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