Check Out Selena Gomez’s New Hair!

Selena Gomez just chopped off a ton of her hair, and we have to wonder if she’s trying a new style now after the Bieber split.

By nowproducerdave on March 16, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

New ‘do, who dis? Looks like Selena Gomez made some changes to her style just days after the alleged split from The Biebs. She went for a short bob-style cut, which seems to be popular in Hollywood these days.

Check out pictures of her new hair here.

She revealed the new cut Wednesday night when she was heading into church (yes, Bieber was attending too, just not together). The pics hit the web late yesterday, and we snagged ’em this morning. It’s a pretty drastic change from her fashion show appearance back in February when she had quite a bit of length on, almost down to her elbows. The funny thing though, Justin’s been growing his hair out recently. It’s the longest it’s ever been, and is actually just about the same length as Selena’s new hair.

About Justin’s hair though, apparently he’s in a hair-growing contest with his buddies? That’s what this story said, anyway. He’s had a lot of changes himself over the years, so we’re not really shocked when he does something like that, but for Selena to go through such a drastic change… Makes you wonder if she’s really trying to change up her image after breaking it off with Justin. Or perhaps she just wanted a change. Check out her longer hair from February here. Do you like the look she’s got with the short hair, or do you think the longer style looked better?

Makes you wonder if The Biebs is about to do some drastic style changes too now though. We’ll have to wait and see.

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