Man Spends $4,000 on Gold Face Mask

In a world where people are willing to try just about anything to keep themselves safe from Covid-19, including wrapping themselves head-to-toe in plastic bags to ward off the disease, one man’s endeavor (albeit a very...

Quarantine Mullets Surging In Popularity

Is it the ‘Tiger King’ phenomenon or the fact that people are having to cut their own NOW? More people than ever before are searching online how to cut their hair into a mullet! says...

Quarantine And Glow With These 5 DIY Face Scrubs

As we patiently wait for spas to re-open for a much-needed full pampering session, there’s one thing we can do while we’re in quarantine, DIY facials! These smoothing DIY face scrubs are SUPER easy to make...


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