Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Dr. Jaw Wired Shut

Jubal calls a woman who’s seven months pregnant to let her know the Doctor is ready to speak with her.   Apparently early on in the pregnancy… she did NOT want to know the sex of the baby…but that recently changed…...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- White Walls For The Win

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman posing as an interior designer who just remodeled her living room with the NEWEST, FRESHEST, most avant-garde design: Nothing. Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone...

Second Date: Ambush Date

We know that when it comes to asking someone out, you need to be BOLD and CONFIDENT.  One of our callers… absolutely did not do that. Instead she had to lie and trick a guy into going on a date with her...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Reference Call

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman who thinks she’s giving a job reference for a friend… but things quickly get off track as he accuses her friend of some pretty compromising behavior…...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Autotune Teacher

Jubal loves Phone Tapping teachers because their trusting, compassionate, and ripe for the pranking. Today a music teacher faces Jubal’s wrath! …but the good news is you could win $500 with the free...

Second Date: Hot Wing Competition

Hot Wing Competition – In today’s Second Date we’re talking to a particularly spicy listener who recently jumped back in the dating pool after his divorce and that first step is a doozy! Submit a phone tap or...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Dry Cleaning Disaster

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal tells a woman there’s a problem getting her gown back from the dry cleaners… he MAY have gotten drunk and done stuff to it.  Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone...

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