Second Date: The Mask

The guy in today’s Second Date THOUGHT he was living the dream, until his date pulled something out of her bag that scared him half to death!

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Phone Tap: Your Tweets Got You Fired

For today’s Phone Tap, Jubal calls a guy who just got hired for his DREAM JOB… but that dream might become a nightmare because Jubal found some old tweets that are very offensive and might cost him his new gig. Listen...

Phone Tap: Copy Boy With The GF

Today’s Phone Tap victim works at a copy store and we’ve pledged to make him as angry as possible. How do we do that? By incessantly talking about his coworker/girlfriend. Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap...

Second Date: Ten For Ten

DeeDee was attempting the “Ten for Ten” Challenge where she went through 10 Tinder Dates in 10 days but she may have finally met her match after the 8th date…

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Phone Tap: Birthday Bad Day

Jubal poses as a human resources rep and he calls a guy to tell him that they will be DENYING his vacation request… apparently it’s the same day as his birthday. And Jubal isn’t playing games…...

Phone Tap: Shop Till You Drop All Your Info

Today Jubal poses as a customer rep from a clothing company and he’s here to tell a girl that a BIG sale is about to happen!! And what’s even better…is she is allowed to be the very FIRST customer…BUT Jubal needs some...

Song of the Week – Flawed Plan

Hoarding Toilet Paper isn’t gonna fix things. So… Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week is all about the mistakes people are making during the pandemic and what we can do to fix them! Instead of...

Second Date: Wild Child

The guy in today’s Second Date was VERY disappointed that his date wasn’t WILD, because all of her friends gave him some high expectations… Find out what that means by tuning in to the PODCAST! Submit a phone tap or...

Phone Tap: Conspiracy Speaker

Jubal calls a middle school teacher who allows a speaker to come to school and speak to the kids. Jubal is their upcoming speaker for the week and he calls ahead to go over the topics he intends to speak about, namely...

Phone Tap: Little Ophie and Oxley

Jubal calls a woman who booked a venue for her daughter’s birthday party WAY in advance, but now she’s out of luck, because someone with BIG pockets has come along instead. Listen to Brooke &...


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