Second Date: Can I Move In?

One of our listeners is BROKE. No job and no money… but that didn’t stop him from planning a completely FREE date. The date was fun… until he said a certain three words that he feel might have ended the date. Submit a...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap: Instagram Job

Jubal calls a young woman who wishes nothing more in life than to be Internet Famous! Well, conveniently enough Jubal has the perfect job opening for her…. a job traveling the world with INSTAGRAM! All she has to do is...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap: Callgirl Ride Share

Jubal calls a woman whose work has been encouraging employees to carpool. He’s letting her know that she’s been specially selected to participate in a trial run for a BRAND NEW ride share program! It may sound like a...

Second Date: What Are You Hiding?

The guy we call for today’s Second Date better have a REALLY good explanation for what happened after his date… because it COMPLETELY contradicts everything that we learned went down while these two were out...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Wet Willies At Work

Jubal calls a guy who’s having issues with his utility bill. He wants to help him fix the issue, but there’s just one problem… Something is happening in the office that is SO distracting! Listen to Brooke &...

Second Date: Meter Maid In Heaven

The woman in today’s Second Date works as a meter maid and is used to people not being happy with her, but the guy with whom she went on a date was ENFATUATED with her, and the reason why made us all very...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- Raccoon Fireworks

Everyone has seen a raccoon in their backyard once or twice before. But in your Phone Tap, Jubal however calls a woman to tell her he’s taking the neighborhood’s raccoon epidemic into his own hands… NOTHING is going to...

Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap- I’m Under Water

Jubal calls up his wireless carrier with a dilemma. He got a little to rowdy the night before and dropped his phone into a hotel swimming pool. So it only makes sense that he get on the line with customer service...

Second Date: Triple Trouble

Todd met a woman named Gina and while he doesn’t want a long term relationship he thinks they can agree on some kind of arrangement that can work for both of them.
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