Second Date: Karaoke Crying

We’ve all done something illegal in our past… maybe went over the speed limit or shoplifted a grape at the grocery store? Anyway… the point is, we ALL break the law occasionally… But the guy in TODAY’S Second Date could...

Phone Tap: Barry’s A Good Listener

It can be frustrating when you have an issue with a business and customer service is unable to help… but what happens when the person on the helpline, has even BIGGER ISSUES than You… That’s what happens to one...

Phone Tap: You Yell A Lot

A guy asked Jubal to PHONE TAP his nagging wife… You know how much Jubal loves to make women angry! Listen below! Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap weekday mornings at 7:20am!  Submit a phone tap or...

Second Date: Popcorn Kid

This date started simple enough, dinner and a movie. But, much like everyone who calls for our help, there was no second date. Shawn thinks he knows why he didn’t get a call back… he BOWLED over a tiny 6...

Phone Tap: Scraps The Rat

Jubal calls a guy who recently had a rat problem… he had already contacted Pest Control to take of the situation and they did… but now, there’s an even bigger issue that needs to be addressed. And for...

Phone Tap: Dr. String Cheese

Jubal calls from a doctor’s office to check in with a guy who recently had back surgery. They need him to sign a waiver to deal with the “incident” that happened during the surgery but Mark...

Second Date: The Mask

The guy in today’s Second Date THOUGHT he was living the dream, until his date pulled something out of her bag that scared him half to death!

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Phone Tap: Your Tweets Got You Fired

For today’s Phone Tap, Jubal calls a guy who just got hired for his DREAM JOB… but that dream might become a nightmare because Jubal found some old tweets that are very offensive and might cost him his new gig. Listen...

Phone Tap: Copy Boy With The GF

Today’s Phone Tap victim works at a copy store and we’ve pledged to make him as angry as possible. How do we do that? By incessantly talking about his coworker/girlfriend. Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap...


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