Second Date: Puzzled

Natalie believes Eric is the missing piece to her puzzle of love. But LITERAL missing puzzle pieces might have cost her a shot at landing her game master.

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Phone Tap: New Guy Burrito Truck

We’re calling the new guy in the office and trying to keep him on the phone as long as possible, no matter how bone-shatteringly awkward it may be.  Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap weekday...

Second Date: Ghost Hunter

One of our listeners emailed us for help with a Second Date and he thinks his obscure job might be the reason he’s been given the silent treatment. Can we help a Ghost Hunter avoid being ghosted? Find out next! ...

Phone Tap: Deliver My Package

How dedicated are you with YOUR job??? Today, ‘The Captain’ needs to deliver a SPECIAL package and he is completely desperate for some help! Will this flight attendant over the phone follow these SHADY instructions...

Phone Tap: Dog Cold Sore

In today’s Phone Tap, one woman needs to bring her dog BACK to the vet, because someone on the staff might have received a cold sore from kissing her dog on the mouth. Yikes! Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s...

Second Date: Bartender Model

One of our listeners had an EXTREMELY difficult time choosing a restaurant for a date… and it’s not because he’s a picky eater.. it’s much more scandalous than that… Listen to Brooke & Jubal’s Phone Tap...

Phone Tap: Come Nanny For Me

Lauren is in the running for a nanny position with a family that has 2 boys…. So we’re posing as the father to do a phone interview with her… and he gets a LITTLE EMOTIONAL and lets it slip that his wife has been...

Phone Tap: Vending Machine RIP

In today’s Phone Tap from the vault, we call a woman who just wants her money back. She feels like she’s been WRONGED by the company vending machine too many times! So we’re calling back from the...

Second Date: Lost Hotel Room

One of our listeners got a little too wasted and screwed up the date of a lifetime and ended up wandering around a hotel for hours. That was his first mistake, but his second might have been asking us for help! Listen...


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