Cars That Can Repossess Themselves Are Coming!

Cars in the future could drive back to the dealership by themselves if you miss payments!

By Doug Lazy on March 3, 2023
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Cars in the future could drive themselves back to the dealership if you miss payments! says that Ford has applied for a patent on technology that would allow a car to react if an owner misses payments. It could start with messages to the car’s display screens saying that a payment is due but could also include the lender being able to shut down systems in the car!  If all else fails, autonomous driving cars could be told to drive back to the dealership or an impound yard instead of somebody coming out to physically impound the car.

But what happens if there’s an emergency? The drivers wouldn’t be stuck without help. The article says that car would still be accessible to the driver during emergency situations. 

Would YOU buy a car with this feature?

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