SANTA MONICA, CA - MAY 28: The new $1.5 million solar powered Ferris wheel, which replaces the Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel auctioned off on eBay for $132,400 in April, stands over Pacific Park amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier on its opening night on May 28, 2008 in Santa Monica, California. The old 90-foot tall Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel appeared in 105 photo shoots, 71 television commercials, 69 television shows, 28 films and 13 music videos and carried more than 3 million riders130 feet above the ocean on its 20 gondolas over the past 12 years. Like its predecessor, the world's first solar-powered, it will be powered by the sun but the new wheel, with its160,000 lights, will be 75 percent more energy efficient. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Carnival Ride Breaks, Killing Two And Injuring 29 [VIDEO]

The heartbreaking tragedy was caught on video.

Tragedy struck at a carnival where the pendulum ride literally broke into pieces while it was filled with riders! See the heartbreaking video… says that ride was the Discovery pendulum ride in an amusement park along the Kankaria lakef in India. After a load bearing cable snapped, the ride broke into pieces and came crashing down to the ground. The riders were all strapped into their seats and came crashing about 20 feet to the ground. Two people were killed in the accident and 29 were injured.

Our prayers are with everybody involved in this tragedy.

Police are reportedly still investigating what went wrong and if anybody will be charged with a crime for what happened.

You can see the tragic accident in the video below:

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