Camila Cabello Releases YouTube Documentary [VIDEO]

Camila Cabello released a mini-documentary on YouTube called ‘Made in Miami.’ The video tells Camila’s story going from Cuba to Miami and her rise to fame.

By Admin on February 28, 2018
camila cabello
(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for YouTube)

Camila Cabello gives fans a rare look into her personal life in a mini YouTube documentary.

The documentary, “Made in Miami,” takes viewers into Camila’s home city. Her friends and family participated in the film, as well, to talk about her rise to fame. In a promo live stream, she told fans:

“I’m so proud of the documentary. It’s definitely the most intimate thing I’ve ever done. It’s the most I’ve ever let people in before, because I’m a really private person, and have always been like that. That’s why I’m bad at social media, and why I don’t post enough!”

Camila’s family also took a little convincing to be in the documentary:

“My family is so shy. I’m super introverted so I’ve had to work through that, but my family… like, my mum hates interviews, cries on the way to interviews because she gets so shy, my grandpa doesn’t wanna talk [on camera].

“So I just kept telling them, everybody needs to be in it because I knew that it would be kinda like a live photo album for my [family], and I’m so happy my grandpa’s in it, he’s so cute. It’s such an intimate part of my life.”

Furthermore, the pop star wanted to take this opportunity to shed light on her family’s immigration story:

“Getting to share our story and shed light on immigrants and immigration issues. I’m just really, really proud of it. I’m so influenced by Miami and where I come from, and that’s why I never left… This is always gonna be my home. It made me.”

Watch “Made in Miami” below.

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