Camila Cabello Uses Hand Warmers In Her Pants To Keep Warm [VIDEO]

Camila Cabello had to sing in -30 degree temperatures, and revealed her secret on how to stay warm to Ellen, and the world.

By nowproducerdave on January 18, 2018
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for dick clark productions)

It’s true, she said so herself. When she was performing her New Year show, it was cold. Very cold. Negative-thirty degrees with wind chill kind of cold. Just during the soundcheck, she said she couldn’t even feel her chin.

She was talking to Ellen on her show when she broke the news to everyone. She was wearing a couple layers of clothing still, but being from a much warmer climate (Miami), there was no way she could wear *just* her stage-costume and be comfortable in that sheer amount of cold, and she told Ellen her secret about how to help keep warm. Camila says that she used hand warmers in her pants to help keep warm. They were just under her waistband apparently, and she says they were above her underwear, but still “in my pants.” It’s one of those interviews you just have to watch so you can see and appreciate Ellen’s reaction and facial expressions:

So there you have it. A neat little track to help keep warm when it’s cold out. We’d be concerned about one of the pouches maybe rupturing somehow and possibly causing some kind of chemical burn (we’re not chemists, not sure what would happen really) so we can’t officially recommend it, but, you know, Camila likes it.

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