California Restaurant Allows Guests To Pay With Face Scan

Welcome to the future. A burger joint in California is using facial recognition to let customers pay for their food instead of using a card.

By Admin on January 31, 2018
(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Welcome to the future, friends. A burger joint in Pasadena, California launched a program that allows guests to pay using their face.

Forgot your card? No worries. Because you’ll never forget your face.

The use of face scanning at Cali Burger isn’t new. The restaurant already uses it on the self-ordering kiosks. Customers can now only log in to their loyalty accounts with a face scan. Payment is separate. Furthermore, this may be the first use of facial recognition in retail as a form of payment in America.

According to FoodBeast, after getting your face scanned, you also need to enter your 3-digit CVV to complete your order. So at least there is an added security measure.

Watch the video below.

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