Bridezilla Admits To ‘Fattening’ Up Her Bridesmaids Before Wedding

This bridezilla admitted to making her sisters gain weight before her wedding, as well as planning how to make them look “as ordinary as possible” in her wedding.

By WKBW on October 23, 2018
(Photo by Lewis Whyld/WPA Pool/ Getty Images)

How does one “fatten” up her bridesmaids? We’ll get to that. It’s an evil, evil things to do, and she barely shows signs of guilt.

So, Penny is the middle of her other two sisters. Maggie is older, Charlie is younger. They all live together with Penny’s finance in the same house. Penny admits that she and her sisters are competitive, and the competition never seems to go away. Penny also admits that her sisters are both gorgeous, and that she feels like Jan in “The Brady Bunch.” “I wasn’t as hot and popular as my older sister and I wasn’t as cute and fun as my younger sister. I was just Penny in the middle,” she says. This began Penny’s wedding planning.

With all the planning, and after meeting with the photographer and discussing dresses with my sisters, I started to think about what my wedding photos were going to look like. Well, probably the more correct statement would be that I started to obsess over them. These are going to be on display in my home forever – I don’t want to be reminded until my last day on earth that I was the plain sister.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what she planned. Penny wanted her sisters to look “as ordinary as possible.” She decided that she would have her sisters, along with the other bridesmaids, wear bright yellow dresses in the wedding. Penny did this because it “made them look washed out and slightly ill.” She disguised it by saying it was a fun “party” style. Next, she decided to make special weight-slimming smoothies for them every day. Only she replaced the weight-loss protein powder with weight-gain powder. She literally was making her sisters gain weight so she would look better in her wedding. Obviously I can’t even start with everything that’s wrong in her plan, but she goes into much more detail here.

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