BREAKING – Authorities Are On The Scene Of A Suspicious Package In South Sac

Police and FBI are on the scene of a post office in South Sac where another suspicious package was found this morning, matching the description of the others from this week.

By WKBW on October 26, 2018
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Another suspicious package has been found, this one was located at a South Sac post office. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that it was addressed to Senator Harris.

The FBI and Sacramento Sheriff’s Department responded to the post office on 44th Street in South Sac this morning. Spokesman Sgt. Shaun Hampton says “We are investigating reports of a suspicious package in South Sacramento… It resembles the ones that have been reported throughout the country.” So it sounds like, despite the arrest made this morning in Florida, that there are still some packages circulating the country through the mail system. The FBI has been unable to confirm these reports, however they do confirm that they were indeed there at the post office today.

Reports suggest that police responded to the post office around 7:45 this morning. A worker there discovered the package, noting that it was similar in appearance to the others. Officials responded quickly, and also noted that this was the second suspicious package report here in Sacramento today. The first one turned out to be a false alarm though, thankfully. We’ll keep you updated here.


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