Bella Thorne Reveals Her Social Media Salary

Bella Thorne just revealed what sort of money she makes from social media posts, and it’s really an astonishing figure.

By nowproducerdave on April 13, 2018
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Social media salary? Ok, it’s not really a “salary,” but Bella Thorne does earn money from her posts. She was talking about her earnings from social media, and apparently she went from $200 in her bank to buying a house in about 18 months.

The actress/model/singer was recently being interviewed by Vogue, and in the interview she says that social media is basically her whole life. “I put myself out there on social media because I want people to see who I am,” she says.. She also said that she “was raised to think that social media is everything.” When I was raised, social media wasn’t anything more than passing notes in class… She says that her mother actually used to run her social media pages as recently as a couple years ago. She took over her accounts shortly after turning 18, and since then, she’s made a ton of cash off her posts.

She says for an Instagram “grid” post (those ones that make a bigger picture by using 6 or 9 of the small, regular uploads), she earns a whopping $65,000. For an Instagram story post, and also for a snapchat post, she earns anywhere between $10-$20k. “Instagram is 100 percent a job to me… I started out [at] 18 with literally $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, a year and a half—And it’s all from social media.” That house is a 4,500 square foot home worth about $2 million – all from social media posts. Bella says she just studied the demographics of her followers, and “tested” different sorts of posts to see what generated the most response, and just kept doing those.

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Bella has definitely put a little work into building her social media, but do you think that anyone should be making that significant amount of an income just because they’re recognizable? Do you think that social media is a major influencer on young people, and that using it for an income source maybe sways younger people’s opinions (about products or politics) more than it should? See some more about Bella Thorne and her social media here. Should celebrities keep quiet about how much they make and where it comes from?

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