Ariana Grande Just Chopped Off All Her Hair [PICS]

Ariana Grande has retired her signature long locks! The pop star posted a picture (that’s already gone viral) with her new hair.

By Admin on November 15, 2018
ariana grande
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images )

It looks like Ariana Grande was ready for some change. She posted a picture on her Instagram debuting her new short hair! It’s an end of an era!

What with the big changes that have happened in the singer’s life recently, it looks like Grande wanted a fresh start. And who can blame her? It’s been a pretty rough year for her. She’s been handling it like a champ, though.

Although she only posted the picture of her new ‘do an hour ago, it’s already hit over one million likes. And, of course, she looks amazing! “this filter took my eyebrows away but i promise they’re there,” she joked in the caption, reports Elle.

Take a peek at Grande’s new hairstyle below.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see Grande without her signature high ponytail. Hair extensions do exist, after all.

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