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Apple Unveils New ‘iPhone XS’ And ‘iPhone XS Max’

Apple announced their new line of iPhones that will be releasing later this month.

Apple announced their new line of iPhones in the ‘X’ series, in their press event that occurred Wednesday morning. Similar to the iPhone X, the new XS and XS Max will feature similar aesthetics to the original model.

According to People, the new line of iPhones will all boast faster hardware than previous versions, as well as stronger glass and water resistance. Both the XS and XS Max will feature clearer, more vibrant OLED screens, that will stretch edge-to-edge like the original iPhone X. The screen size for the XS will be 5.8 inches, will the XS Max will be the biggest iPhone to date with its 6.5 inch screen.

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The Max will reportedly take advantage of this new hardware and screen size, by allowing users to run two apps at the same time in split-screen mode. This feature was previously only available in iPads, but the Max will now bring this capability to customers’ phones. With this larger size, the XS Max will also now have a longer battery life, that lasts up to an hour and a half longer than the iPhone X.

Both the XS and XS Max will also feature more powerful cameras. With the power of the new A12 chip, the new cameras will be able to take clearer pictures of moving subjects, as well as allow users to manually control depth-of-field straight from the phone.

The 64GB version of the XS will start at $999, and the XS Max starting at $1,099. The phones will be offered in gold, silver, and space gray, and will be available for pre-order on September 14.

Are you excited for the next iPhone? Which model will you be getting? To learn more about Apple’s press event and their new products releasing, click here.


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