Apple Testing Feature That Will Let You Unsend Your Texts

We’ve all sent that one text we wish we could have back, right? Good news, we might be able to, well if you have an iPhone!

By bonneville on March 12, 2020
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Apple is taking measures to make the reality of being able to take back an “OMG, why did I send that message,” text a possibility. According to the Business Insider, a new update to their iOS later this year, iMessage will soon allow users to retract any text messages sent. The only downside, when a message is retracted, both parties are notified.

This will be exclusively an iMessage feature, chances are it will only work sending texts to another iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, and not those using Android devices. Other features they’re reportedly testing include a typing indicator for group chats, along with a mentions feature for tagging other people in a group message.

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